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So happy that you are interested in improved wellness.

We offer many services that can enhance overall wellness.  Our services are amazing individually or when combined together for optimal benefit.

Brief descriptions of our services are below.  However, if you desire clarification of services or would like a wellness assessment and create a personalized plan, please call.


Holistic Nutrition Specialist
Colon Hydrotherapist
Digestive Coach

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Wellness Services

Infrared Body Therapy

Increases circulation, boosts immune system, improves skin conditions, relieves pain, aids in weight-loss, cellulite reduction and post- pregnancy recovery.Note:  For the session, please bring (as close to 100% cotton) leggings and a long sleeved shirt to wear during the session.

60 Minutes  $80

Three Sessions  $210

Six Sessions   $410





Body Contour Wrap

Detoxify from the inside out and lose inches!  Gentle exfoliation, starts the session, an all natural contour cream is applied and the body is wrapped. Foot massage included.

Note:  Day of session please do not shave legs.  Bring bikini underwear and sports bra to wear during session.    

90 Minutes $115

3 Sessions  $295

6 Sessions  $550




Colon Hydrotherapy

Renew colon function and digestive health naturally.  The colon (large intestine) is a muscle and can become stronger and more efficient with Colon Hydrotherapy.  A series of three sessions can allso improve energy, mental clarity, skin conditions, sleep, regularity and overall wellness.  Colon Hydrotherapy is extremely beneficial for those participating in a full body cleanse or detoxification program.

For optimal benefits a series of 3 sessions is encouraged.

One Session  $90

Three Sessions  $230


For a confidential consultation, please call Julie,

Colon Hydrotherapist and Detoxification Coach








Your Gut and Your Emotions –

Are they connected?


Ear Candeling

Hellps to remove wax, debris and build-up.  Possible benefits:  improved hearing and  pressure relief.  Session includes one candle per ear.

Note:  After session it is strongly suggested to avoid any swimming or direct contact with water for at least 24 hours.

50 Minutes  $60

Ionic Foot Spa

Recharges the body with Negative Ions which are extremely beneficial to the body at a cellular level.  Benefits include:  immune support, pain relief, energy enhancement and a boost for optimalhealth.

50 Minutes  $60




“Julie has played an important role in my health journey. Her detoxification strategies have helped me to regain my health, and therefore the quality of my life. I’m forever grateful for the unique services she offers to our community.”

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